Bodywork, Mindfulness & Wellness

Anchor In Your Truth

Join Shanai and Kristin in this retreat where you will be guided inward to your Anchor of Truth! Led by Shanai, we will explore a variety of breathing techniques, visual meditations, partner discussions and journal prompts, then enjoy a mindful hike complete with blissful yoga led by Kristin. We will close the retreat with a delicious light lunch and practice the art of mindful eating.

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Future Events

Happenings you shouldn't miss out on in the months to come!

The Ultimate Joyful Retreat

Join Shanai and Mikelle for a retreat centered around Joy! Truly learn what your personal joy looks like with meditation, mindfulness, yoga and nourishing food!

July 11th 2021, Centerville UT

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Surrender to Lifes' Flow Retreat

Join Shanai in practicing the art of letting go and surrending to the flow of life. You will be emerged into an intensive meditation, with the healing art of Reiki infused and then we will end the day with a Sweat Lodge led by TBD

*Sisters only Retreat*

August 22nd, Centerville UT

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Launch Your Life Retreat

Slip away to the blissful island of Bali for a week long retreat. Shanai has partnered with SoulBliss Journeys to bring you a once in a life time experience. For details and the full itinerary click the learn more button below!

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